Why You Should Hire a Real Estate Lawyer

Buying and Selling real estate may seem like a simple task but in reality it requires a lot of expertise to navigate the nuances and to avoid pitfalls. Hiring a professional real estate lawyer will ensure that things get done correctly, efficiently and in your best interest. Here is why you should hire a real estate lawyer:

If You Are a Client

real estate lawyers in Acton, MABuying or selling a house is not something you do every day so you need to hire a legal team that does do it every day.

At Dorner Law we have the experience to guide you through the process, the knowledge to get the job done, and the compassion to enjoy the process with you.

  • We provide you with answers to your questions and guidance along every step of the process;
  • We personalize every contract for your needs;
  • We handle all extensions and contract amendments as needed;
  • We negotiate on your behalf and ensure the deal goes smoothly;
  • We make legal matters stress free;
  • We have sample loan documents for our buyers to review at their leisure;
  • We design closings so sellers do not have to attend, leaving Sellers to focus on their own needs and giving Buyers privacy at the closing table with the freedom to ask questions and relax;
  • We use the latest technology for efficiency and convenience;
  • We discount title insurance for first time buyers and for all refinances;
  • We serve all of Massachusetts and lower New Hampshire.

If You Are a Broker

real estate attorney Acton MABrokers are the driving force in the world of real estate and at Dorner Law we honor and appreciate that role. As real estate lawyers we, therefore, try to supplement and support that role to make our brokers’ jobs easier and more efficient.

  • We want to be sure your clients know that you were instrumental in making this deal happen!
  • We encourage the use of electronic signatures;
  • We offer training and one on one educational time on any real estate topic you are interested in;
  • We draft P&S Amendments and all Extensions;
  • We execute Amendments and Extensions on behalf of our client so you don’t have to run all over Massachusetts trying to get signatures;
  • We track all contingency dates, including mortgage contingencies;
  • We will order and obtain condominium 6d certificates;
  • We close for our Sellers remotely so there is no need for you to attend the closing in person;
  • We are available on weekends and snow days;
  • We are responsive and answer e-mails and phone calls in a timely manner;
  • We will follow up with closing attorneys to ensure commission checks are delivered timely and if we are the closing attorney checks will be handed to you at closing;
  • We treat each deal as a team sport so your clients know that you are the Captain and the driving force that made their deal so special.

If You Are a Lender

Lenders are facing tough and challenging changes in the marketplace.

The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau is making significant regulatory changes and Dorner Law is ready to be there as your preferred vendor.

When you choose us to be the Settlement Agent you can rest assured that we are Best Practices Compliant and we will meet regulatory deadlines, including delivering the Closing Disclosure Statement to the authorized borrower three days prior to consummation of the mortgage.

  • We get title commitments to you quickly and efficiently so you don’t have to track them down;
  • We have staff dedicated to each file so you know who to reach out to;
  • We work in a team environment so if our dedicated staff member is out there will be someone equally knowledgeable about the file to attend to your needs;
  • We have sample loan documents prepared so borrowers can review the closing documents prior to closing and at their leisure;
  • We support the borrowers and respond to their questions and concerns in a timely manner;
  • We are active ALTA members and have participated in the National discussion about the changing compliance regulations;
  • We are active REBA member here in Massachusetts. This ensures that we are aware of any practice changes and we know when new closing documents are required;
  • We have a Policy Handbook which can be delivered to you instantaneously;
  • We have a dedicated wire account so all funds are protected from fraud or misuse;
  • We password protect sensitive documents, use encrypted e-mails and carry Cyber Insurance!


Dorner Law & Title Services specializes in real estate law and we strive to provide our clients, our brokers and our lenders with  complete service. Each of our real estate lawyers are here to consult with you on legal matters related to property acquisition and disposition, residential and commercial leasing, management, condominium law, condominium conversions, construction financing, development, and short sales.


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