Some Tips For Buying or Selling a House

DSCN1272Whether you sell or buy a property there are a few things you should do to ensure a smooth closing. Here is a simple check-list which, hopefully, will help you save time and effort:

Things Sellers need to do before Closing:

  • Obtain a Smoke Detector Certificate from the Fire Department and send the original to your Attorney
  • Obtain a Final Water/Sewer Reading from the Town and send a copy to your Attorney
  • Obtain a Final Electric Reading (only for municipal electric companies) and send a copy to your Attorney
  • Send to your Attorney a copy of the last oil/propane bill you received showing the cost per gallon and tell her how much oil/propane is left in the tank
  • Sign the Deed & Power of Attorney (to be drafted by the attorney) and send the originals to your Attorney
  • Send to your Attorney and/or Broker copies of the receipts and invoices for any repairs required to be done prior to closing
  • Send Title V inspection report to your Broker and your Attorney (if there is a septic system)
  • If you are selling a Condominium obtain or have your Attorney Obtain a 6(d) Certificate (your association may charge a fee)
  • Show Government Identification (i.e. Driver’s License) when you sign the deed and power of attorney

Things Buyers need to do Prior to Closing:

  • Buy Homeowner’s Insurance and send proof of insurance to your Attorney and your Loan Officer (Insurance Binder)
  • Obtain a Certified Check or set up a Wire Transfer for the funds due at closing (The final figure will be prepared by the Closing Attorney and provided to you the day before closing)
  • Bring Government Identification (i.e. Driver’s License) to closing
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