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Closing Checklist for Buyers

Whether you are buying a house for the first time, or just need a refresher course on what to do and expect, this closing checklist will help you get your priorities in order while you work with us to complete your purchase.

  1. Conduct a home inspection of the property;

  2. Follow your lender's instructions and provide them with documents in a timely manner; *

  3. Buy homeowner's insurance and send proof of insurance to us and your lender (you can expect to pay for the entire year in full up front);

  4. Send us a copy of the commitment letter you receive from your lender and let us know if the conditions listed on the letter are within your power to fulfill; *

  5. Set up utilities at the property you are purchasing to ensure they are transferred into your name on the day of closing;

  6. Contact your bank where your funds for the transaction are being held and find out their procedure for wire transfers;

  7. Verify all wire instructions provided to you with the closing attorney or our office using a phone number that you are already familiar with. Make sure the bank account numbers and other information match the ones that were provided to you.

    If you notice anything suspicious in the wire instructions, such as an out-of-state bank, misspelled words, or last-minute changes, DO NOT WIRE THE FUNDS. Wire fraud is real, and we want to help you protect your money by taking proactive security measures. Always verify all wire instructions before you initiate the wire transfer!

  8. Arrange a wire transfer with your bank so the funds are received by our office the day before closing;

  9. Complete a walk-through of the house with your broker the day before or the morning of the closing to make sure the house is in the condition you expect;

  10. Bring a valid form of government-issued identification (such as your driver's license or passport) to closing;

  11. Save your closing documents to your computer; these will be emailed to you post-closing for your records, and do not need to be printed.

* These steps are only applicable if you are getting a mortgage.

To have us get started on your purchase, give our office a call at (978) 266-9666 or request an appointment through our Contact page. We look forward to providing you with excellent service!

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