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For Loan Officers


Our firm, although small, is powered by a professional and resourceful team that is tailored to serve your and your client's financing needs. Our ability to prioritize quality and attention to detail without sacrificing timeliness translates into every aspect of our work. As the most proficient closing firm in Massachusetts, we guarantee to you and your clients that we will close every transaction to everyone's satisfaction and peace of mind.

By choosing Dorner Law to be the settlement agent, you can expect the following features and benefits from our services:

  • Title commitments and closing protection letters that are provided quickly and efficiently for your processing department;

  • Prompt and friendly service—each file is assigned to a dedicated team member who is well-equipped to answer your questions;

  • Personalized support for all borrowers;

  • Advanced protection of funds—including, but not limited to, a dedicated wire account and two-factor authentication for all outgoing wires;

  • Email encryption for sensitive documents such as Closing Disclosures;

  • Security from cyber insurance—courtesy of Lloyd's of London, the world's leading specialist insurer;

  • Full compliance with all state and federal regulations per our Policy Handbook.

To begin closing with Dorner Law, give our office at call at (978) 266-9666 or connect with us through our Contact page. We look forward to providing a smooth and easy transaction for you and your clients!

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