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Closing Checklist for Sellers

Whether you are selling a house for the first time, or just need a refresher course on what to do and expect, this closing checklist will help you get your priorities in order while you work with us to complete your sale.

  1. Obtain the following items and send them to our office:

    • Smoke certificate from the local Fire Department;

    • Final water/sewer reading from the city or town;

    • Final electric reading (if your property uses municipal electric);

    • Photo of your fuel gauge (if your property uses oil or propane for heating) to show how much fuel is left in the tank, along with a copy of your last bill that shows the cost per gallon;

    • Title V inspection report (if your property has a septic system that has not been inspected in the last two years)—provide a copy for your broker as well;

    • Paid receipts for any work done—provide copies for your broker as well;

    • 6(d) certificate (if your property is a condominium) or inform us if you would like us to order it on your behalf. Most associations charge a fee for this document. The original must show that the condo fees are paid through the end of the month of your closing and will be given to the closing attorney;

  2. Provide information regarding any mortgages or equity loans to our office so we can order payoff statements for closing;

  3. Arrange a remote closing with us to sign the documents used to transfer the property to the buyer(s);

  4. Transfer utilities into the name(s) of the new buyer(s);

  5. Turn off cable and/or internet services;

  6. Leave the house empty and in broom-clean condition; make sure to also leave any garage door openers and extra keys on the kitchen counter, and check that your broker has a set of keys to give to the new buyer(s). 

To have us get started on your sale, give our office a call at (978) 266-9666 or request an appointment through our Contact page. We look forward to providing you with excellent service!

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